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I was born in Ansbach, Germany during a time when the Germans were trying to rebuild their country after World War II. Immediately after birth, I was placed in an orphanage, never to know that first loving embrace of a caring mother or a proud father's smile.

My first four years were spent in an unloving environment - an environment torn by the war. I was not Jewish, my family was not Jewish, but they suffered loss of family members, experienced concentration camps, the Berlin bombing, etc. My biological mother (I learned years later) did not have the strength nor the funds to take care of me.

I have little recollection of Ansbach but have been told that my situation was unbearable - food was scarce and diseases, such as diphtheria, were prevalent. By the time I reached the age of four, I was still unable to chew food because I had only been given pabulum.

I vaguely remember looking out a window on the top floor, searching, and searching for something better. My soul longed to soar.

Oh window -what secrets do you hold? Where is the opening?

A Miracle!

A well-known philanthropist, Dr. Herre Uslar from Caracas, Venezuela heard about the abandoned children of Ansbach and was determined to find proper homes for them. There were many well-to-do families in South America who were childless thus began the "matches made in Heaven."

In my adult life, I was able to contact Dr. Usler before he passed away and send him a letter expressing my gratitude for his rescuing me from the Orphanage.

Time Mag. Picture
Time Magazine, Latin American edition, 1950, (Credit: Robert Halmi/Time Magazine) documented the transference of the first group of children from Ansbach to Caracas, Venezuela. I am the "straw-haired" little girl named Karin Janin Leschnik, in the arms of the man who changed my life - Dr. Herrera Usler. It is impossible to express in words the significance of this event.

According to "the" plan, I was to have been adopted by a Venezuelan family. There were complications though, and the Venezuelan family did not know how to handle me! My health was poor - I suffered from malnutrition. Naturally there was a language barrier which didn't help the situation.

The attending physician, later to be my Godfather, Dr. Rodriguez Del Fino, knew an American family, the Russell's, who had a son the same age and wanted a sister/playmate for him. I want to thank Dr. Rodriguez for his support and concern for my well being and placing me in a loving environment. There is no question in my mind that I was synchronistically paired with this family

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