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December 2008 Interviews.

Remember the clear definition of Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) is by Dr. Ross of Cornell University:

The following are links to sites that state that the elusive gene for Osteochondrisis has been found and that it IS genetic!

FROM: The Journal of Heredity

TITLE: The Candidate Gene XIRP2 at a Quantitative Gene Locus on Equine Chromosome 18 Associated with Osteochondrosis in Fetlock and Hock Joints of South German Coldblood Horses
From the Institute for Animal Breeding and Genetics, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation Bünteweg 17p, 30559 Hannover, Germany

Read the article here:

FROM: Helium Pets & Animals: Horses
Title of Article: Equine health: Osteochondrosis in growing horses
The specific causes of osteochondrosis are still unknown, but it appears that the there are many contributing factors to the onslaught of the condition which range from genetics to mineral imbalances during the growth of young horses. Read more

From: Orthopaedic Research Center: Colorado State University

Genetic Predisposition
Radiographic studies in Swedish Trotters and Warmbloods have shown progeny of one stallion from each breed having a significantly high frequency of OCD amongst his progeny, compared with the progeny of the other stallions. In another study in Denmark, radiographic evidence of a significantly high proportion of osteochondrosis in the progeny of one of eight stallions, even though the stallion itself did not show radiographic signs of osteochondrosis, was seen. Since that time, there have been two more studies on the heritability of osteochondrosis in the hock of Standardbred Trotters showing a reasonably high heritability in hock OCD.

Read entire article here

To hear more interviews with Dr. Michael Ross and his medical opions on LadyGrace's Osteochondrisis please go to the Osteochondrisis page.

This should NOT have happened to LadyGrace for so many reasons but it did. Many have said to me that she is the "Poster Horse for OCD! To me, she is a Miracle and is in my life for a reson. And in the name of LadyGrace of Marlborough, I will do everything I can to find a cure so other young horses can have a long and healthy life!



To find the "cure" and stop the breeding of mares that have produced babies who have developed Osteochondrisis. It's not fair to the offspring that is entitled to a long and healthy life.

If you know of someone who's horse has OCD it is YOUR responsibility to make it public.

AND it is the responsbility of the Breeder who has producerd an offspring with this condition, to stop breeding the Mare that gave birth to the innocent baby.

Unfortunately, LadyGrace's dam has been breed again.