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About Karin...


Do you remember when you achieved something special, when you reached that goal? It felt good at the moment of realization, didn't it? Time flew by, things happened, and that moment of achievement became blurred by the overwhelming obstacles that life brings to us. I know, because this happened to me several times.

I created a publication over 20 years ago called Divorce With Dignity. The purpose of the publication was to let women see that there was life after divorce. I thought this was the ticket to my success - it was within reach but something awful happened and I gave up. I wanted to bury myself. I couldn't figure out how "God" could give me so many creative skills and then failure..... It was a horrible time in my life. I felt abandoned again, I felt incompetent again, I had "is this is all there is?" type of an attitude.

In looking back on my experience, I should have been proud of what I accomplished. The desktop publishing business was just beginning to take off and I taught myself how to maneuver through the many different computer programs. I also learned about layout and newspaper column width, advertising, how to inspire other writers, and how to sell my publication. I was a one-woman show and loved every minute of it! I was proud of what I had created. Never in a million years would I have dreamt that I would put a publication together. And yes, I did it!

I became ungrateful for what I had learned and because of a "bump in the road" I didn't take it to the next step. I hid myself in a sea of resentment, anger, frustration, embarrassment for years and years. All this negativity was reflected on the way I raised my children and the way I interacted with others. I had the biggest chip on my shoulder that anyone could imagine. I was for years "Poor me"....the Pity Party went on and on.... By the way, all three of my children are doing GREAT! I'm sure they have learned from MY mistakes. We are able to talk and be open and at this time, we are very close. I am so grateful for them and my 5 (so far) adorable GrandAngels!

Luckily I am "older and wiser" and have had time to reflect on that part of my life. It wasn't as bad as it seemed...there were times filled with REAL joy!

And now, look at my life..... I have written a book called: Magic of Intention (my latest is: Confessions Of A Fake Nail-Aholic), have been interviewed by various publications, radio and I've had my own TV show in NYC. My creativity continues to excel and I've designed products that help others achieve their hearts' desires.

The latest News: I'm back into a childhood passion of mine - horses. My beautiful horse is named "LadyGrace of Marlborough" born May 16, 2008. She is a registered Gypsy Vanner and I'm so proud of her! There will be a page dedicated to her. You'll be able to read her journey through life.

Presently LadyGrace has been going through some serious medical issues. Her courage and nonchalant attitude about what's happening brings me be back to reality. She truly lives one day at a time and to the fullest. Read more about her:

If you would like to read more my personal story please go to: My Story.

More news: I have adopted an amazing Belgium Rescue Horse whom I've named Wisdom. She is 20 years old (now 23), ever so patient and wise, and a great surrogate mother for LadyGrace. LadyGrace LOVES her and I can see that Wisdom is very attached to LadyGrace.

Wisdom is great about teaching LadyGrace horse manners- something I just wasn't able to do. Go to my YouTube page and view the latest video. In it you will see both horses!



Who Am I?

Name: Karin Janin Leschnik Russell, etc.....
German orphan/US Citizen
Wife - second marriage after 20 years as a divorcee
to 5 GrandAngels (so far)
Author: Magic of Intention & Confessions Of A Fake-Nail Aholic
Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
Horse Owner, etc. etc.

I have a:

  • Degree in Psychology from St. Edward's University in Austin,TX
  • Completed Master's Program and am working on my Ph.D in the Philosophy of Metaphysics through AIHT
  • Certified Grief Counselor
  • Certified Pet Loss Grief Counselor
  • Certified by Coach Training Alliance (CTA)
  • Certified Instructor of Hypnosis specializing in Weight Reduction, Relationships, Past Life Regression
  • Certified Facilitator of MINDS Alternative Psychology

My Story:

(The Orphan Connection is dedicated to honoring orphans that are making a difference.)

But WHO AM I? I am a.....

• Student
• Motivator
• Dreamer
• Reader
• Inquisitor
• Creative Person
• Orphan
• Visionary
• A Clown
• Compassionate
• Confused
• Angry
• Sad
• Happy
• Loving
• Traveler
• Author
• A Work In Progress

Do this above Exercise to find out WHO YOU REALLY ARE:

Now it's YOUR turn. Ask yourself who you REALLY are.

Take your time and see the good in you.

Write a list and then put it away.

Wait a month or more and look at the list again - you may want to add or delete some items.

Remember - Life is a Journey and change is part of it.

Have fun with this exercise!